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With this sort of misinformation and prejudice, it isn’t surprising to find conservative Christian critics dismayed about the rise of the nonbelievers and the decline of Christianity in modern America. Given the beliefs of the “pics or it didn’t happen” generation, it isn’t hard to see why the traditional religious worldview, which advocates for “faith in things unseen,” is becoming less popular.

Read the hella specific list below that covers topics from unprotected splashing to keeping it real with those close to you.

The primary author and translator of this new edition of Luther’s Small Catechism is Rev.

“Pics or it didn’t happen,” the mantra of the Snapchat generation, is a simple but profound reflection of how we think. If you’re going to claim something unlikely—I made eight 3-pointers in a row, I met Jon Stewart at Starbucks, or I was dealt a royal flush in online poker and won a thousand bucks—you better have some good evidence to back it up.

But as happens with the increased prominence of any minority group, widespread misinformation and bigotry is being spread about nonbelievers.

In 2010, Pope Benedict erroneously blamed the Holocaust on atheists, and just this year, Louisiana Congressional candidate Zach Dasher falsely blamed the Sandy Hook shooting on atheists.

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