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So usually about once a year you were taken to get fitted, usually for a gabardine raincoat and a pakamac to fit over the top ,then you were fully measured for both so you got the correct fitting .Both the shops used to carry a very extensive range. An excellent contribution from Plasticjiffymac, outlining the agonies and ecstasies of waterproof enthusiasm.The comments are good, but the macs themselves would be even better.I will not rest until I have acquired a genuine, grey-black, see-through, late 50s/early 60s plastic Pakamac, from the original Chadderton factory. Susan and Plastic Pakamac/Stories, real professionals! And no, I haven't read any of your material, Plastic Pakamac, but when my e-mails are sorted out, I will be investigating your resources further. Fascinating and I'm interested in contacting Pakamac.Hello Brian, , I am the sole author of the works you mention, they have never been distributed anywhere so I would rather like to know how you came to read them, especially as I have only allowed MP3 files to be listened to by a couple of very close contacts.It is possible though, that a few rather badly written stories of mine were seen on my old yahoo website, now defunct for some time. My more recent works have been produced over the past eight years now, and a great deal of effort in recording them as audio books, in as a professional a way as possible, has gone into my self set task, eight full chapters in all, each lasting thirty to fifty minutes.I do hope that anyone who hears them will leave criticism of my work, for it is quite hard doing such a thing without a mentor.Again, if you would like to contact me, please use [email protected]

I'll contact you again Brian, so we can continue our lovely chats.I accidentally deleted it, hence my not being in touch.Despite the wonderful convenience of Pakamacs, I have my eyes on an olive green heavy latex rubber mac, from Weathervain, and this may be my next purchase..for thought...a rubber mac...rubber mac...As I have previously implied, I hav9e no doubt at all on the veracity of Stories website.We waterproof enthusiasts must stick together and share as many experiences as possible. Jeff has mentioned the possibility of displaying my items in a museum-again a wonderfully creative idea.

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