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The Morgan horse is America's horse and the picture is 100% American." Jeff Wilson was quoted on the clipping in an article by WKYT, "I've had a lot of veterans get really emotional when they see it.There's just something special about seeing these logos on the horse." The tribute touched our hearts and above all honored our veterans in a way that was truly unique.As 2016 drew to a close, we noticed that many search terms were setting new record highs in search interest.The topics ranged from current events (Orlando, Bastille Day) to curious one-offs (nachos, cupping therapy).According to Dana Boyd, the picture first appeared on Orion back in 2012 and she swore she would never do it again simply because of the intricacy and accuracy the design required.But three and a half years later Breyer Fest 2016 was looming and never came calling.The two runner ups included The Design Your Own Breyer Package, going for ,025!For the first time ever, Breyer Fest offered its thrilling Celebration of Horses evening performance on both Friday and Saturday nights.

We compared each topic’s interest by week dating back to 2004, then filtered down to searches that were higher over a full week this year than at any other time in Google Search history.We then curated these results to get a representative sample of the top moments in Search over 2016.The data within this site is the result of our findings.We want to send a special thank you to Jeff Wilson and Dana Boyd for sharing their talents with our Breyer community.Saturday morning was another big day in the model horse show world!

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Our Youth and Children's Show competitors filled the Alltech Arena with their flawless models.

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