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The movie, which screened on Saturday at the LGBT film festival, Outfest, concerns the lives and interactions of four friends living in New York, all struggling with their own career and relationship issues.

Blake Lively has shown that if her career in acting doesn't work out, she could always begin work as a graphic designer.America Ferrera is an American actress listed in 100 Most Beautiful People by Peoples Magazine and Maxim Magazine. She is best known for her role as Betty Suarez on ABC’s Ugly Betty. her parents were Carlos Gregorio Ferrera and America Griselda Ayes and she is the youngest of six children.Ferrera was an opening speaker for the Women’s March and currently works as the main cast of Superstore, a television series America Ferrera was born as America Georgine Ferrera in Los Angeles, California, U. Ferrera was brought up in Woodland Hills by her single mother. Her mother was a director of housekeeping staff of Hilton Hotels.Originally, the girls all starred together in 2005's The Sisterhood Of The Traveling Pants and it's sequel.(motion to bring that back for a Netflix revival, please and thank you). She and Lena Dunham presented a joint speech at the DNC, and we’re STILL fangirling over it, even months later. America Ferrera and husband Ryan Piers Williams, a filmmaker and self-described activist, went to the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles over the weekend, and took the above adoooooorable picture together in front of one of the installations. We think it’s totally cool that they aren’t just aligned when it comes to their vision for their futures, but also for their artistic visions.

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America Ferrera comes to light after her involvement in "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" in 2005 and ABC's TV series "Ugly Betty" the next year.

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