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Because there already was a castle known as Boleslav near Prague, this new castle was named Mladá (young) to distinguish it from the older Boleslav, which became known in the 15th century as Stará Boleslav (Old Boleslav).The town received partial city rights in 13, becoming an important site on the road from Prague to northern Bohemia, Lusatia, and Brandenburg.Havel’s Place is a memorial dedicated to Václav Havel.It comprises two chairs linked by a round table with a tree growing through its centre.A nice place, quiet even it was near the railway crossing. Breakfast not included, but good - some ham, cheese, butter, bread and some sweet things. :) Zum Frühstück kann ich nichts sagen, da ich keines gebucht hatte, aber für 5,- denke ich, dürfte auch das passen! Liberec is 28 miles from Sport Mlada Boleslav, and Bedřichov is 30 miles away.

Founded in the second half of the 10th century by King Boleslav II as a royal castle.

Many leading Czech personalities were born or lived in Mladá Boleslav, for example the Czech Brethren bishop Jan Blahoslav (1523–1571), poet František Gellner (1881–1914), actress Adina Mandlová (1910–1991), world-known astronomer Zdeněk Sekanina (1936) and the Olympic athlete Jan Železný (1966).

The town centre offers relaxation in a mini-botanical garden and a mini-zoo.

„Technology – that child of modern science, which in turn is a child of modern metaphysics – is out of humanity’s control, has ceased to serve us, has enslaved us and compelled us to participate in the preparation of our own destruction.

And humanity can find no way out: we have no idea and no faith, and even less do we have a political conception to help us bring things back under human control.

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