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A string of secretly recorded videos and audiotapes, known as Sisi Leaks, have featured the President talking openly about sensitive subjects that range from manipulating the media to extracting cash from the Gulf states.Human-rights violations have become much worse than they were under Mubarak, and the economy is dangerously weak.“Sisi was the one negotiating with the Brotherhood,” a senior official in the State Department, who had contact with both the military and the Islamists during this period, told me recently.

The group lost the support of most revolutionaries, and opposition grew steadily for the next six months, until many state institutions, including the police, essentially refused to work on behalf of Morsi’s government.Sisi has four adult children, but he has rarely referred to them in public, and his wife has been all but invisible.But since becoming President he has unwittingly revealed more about himself and Egypt’s political structures than anybody could have imagined.“Our military people did not know him well,” Hagel said of Sisi. “People didn’t know a lot about his wife, people didn’t know a lot about his kids,” she said. I think it was an intentional aura that he constructed around himself.”Mubarak held power for nearly thirty years without naming a successor, and he was toppled by a revolution that lacked leadership or organizational structure.Afterward, Egypt was ruled by a council of military officers who were supposed to oversee the transition to a civilian government.

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It wasn’t long before Morsi attempted another bold move.

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