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He has a blog called Who Is Travis Clark, The main picture being Save the redheads, which i pretty much agree with.

His voice is like an angel and sings meaningful songs.

He tries to ride a bicycle across a rope stretched from the roof of the building to a telephone pole to show he is better than Clark.

Clark and the rest of the staff watch as Dwight tries to do it and ends up almost falling over and hanging from the handlebars.

When Dwight later moves the entire office staff onto a bus as the building needs to be shut down, Stanley yells at Clark due to his constant need to stretch his legs as his cramp up.Clark Green is a character who works as the new Customer Service Representative for the Scranton branch of Dunder-Mifflin as of Season 9. People begin to call him the "New Dwight" or "Dwight Jr.". Clark is hired along with Pete to begin to work in the annex with Toby to the be the new Customer Service Representative upon Kelly Kapoor's resignation.He devises a plan to pretend to interview her for a newscasters job at his apartment and convinces her to dress in revealing clothing.Andy hears of this but however is just as gullible and believes Erin really is getting considered for the job.

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