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Do not try to excuse your actions, or even laugh it off. This is also an opportunity for you to assess your date in how she/he responds.

Dating in college is especially hard, because even when you leave campus to go to your home, most likely you are still on campus, or at least very close by.

Chances are you will constantly be running into your ex, causing the both of you to take considerable means to avoid each other at all costs, or pretending everything is perfect when you do finally interact with each other.

You will also, unfortunately, have a first-hand seat to each other's dating excursions.

Didn’t anyone ever tell you nothing good ever happens after 2 AM? With every student encouraged to join multiple clubs, jobs, and internships, while maintaining a social life and a high GPA, it can definitely be hard to find the time to be in any sort of romantic relationship on top of that.

Okay, I stole that quote from a How I Met Your Mother episode, but there is some validity to the point. And when you get a text at AM from that guy you’ve been thinking was really cute, just know what you’re getting yourself into. Not many people want to be in a serious relationship in college.

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Dudzinski: This situation is no different than, say, a girlfriend hating sports, or a boyfriend hating chick-flicks. But at this point, it seems a little early to be talking about children and how many we want.”Owens: Respectfully state, “I can appreciate your love for kids, but I’m not comfortable with having this conversation.”6. Check your privacy settings, and don’t allow someone to tag you without your permission.8. Dudzinski: You can either be nice by using a simple “hello” or a nod acknowledging him or her. Lash: Smile, have fun and make your date feel like they’re the most important person in the room. If you are genuinely interested in pursuing that person, stick your tail between your legs and offer a heartfelt apology. However, I use this as a gauge to see how the date responds.

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