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Maybe you’ll like them, but maybe you won’t…so this is why it’s important to get to know someone for who they are, not just for their day job or the uniform they sport so smartly. Emails, text messages, and finally talking in person when you do meet will reveal if they are more than just a sexy uniform to you, or not.

If you are someone who wears a uniform, make sure your profile shows it off, and shows it off well!

Does the sight of a man or woman in uniform turn you weak in the knees?

Here at Uniform Dating we know exactly how you feel!

And RIP to you too, Tuli — thanks for always making my city a more interesting place.

Black Tuesday: With the Yanks having lost Bob Sheppard and George Steinbrenner in the space of a few days, I’ve whipped up a quick ESPN piece about teams with multiple uniform memorials. Gentlemen, start your DVRs: I’m sure there’ll be plenty of uni-notable moments in tonight’s MLB All-Star Game, so let’s try to get as many good screen shots as possible, yes? If you capture something worthwhile, please send it my way tonight.

That one was created for Georgia QB John Rauch after he fractured his cheek.”¦ If you actually care about the All-Star Game BP jerseys, well, that makes one of us.”¦ New name/number font for Real Madrid (with thanks to Timothy O’Malley). An NAHL team appears to have stolen an Icethetics reader’s logo concept.When it comes to uniform dating in the US, some daters find themselves drawn to only one type of uniform, but it’s important to keep your options open!If a hot firefighter is interested in you, are you really going to turn him down since he’s not in the military? What exactly about uniform dating interests you so much? Maybe you’re in awe of their professions, or maybe you enjoy feeling safe around someone you’re dating, or maybe just the site of a good looking man or woman in uniform gets you going-whatever it is, share!

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• Here’s a nice shot of Kenny “double-zero” Burrough as a Saint. • Also from Andrew: Sport O’ Keefe always sponsored cool-looking schedules, like the CFL Montreal Concordes.

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