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The scene that follows is a complex, freaky, darkly funny emotional ballet.Greenwood and Gugino make a compelling old married couple, experts at talking around each other.

With all that in mind, the newly announced game for short) sounds downright normal in comparison, despite it’s hilariously evocative name—and just in time for Father’s Day, too!

The home happens to be a cabin in the woods, and the horrors start quickly.

Gerald expires from a heart attack, leaving Jessie latched to their marital bed.

And then Gerald grasps his chest, and a wild dog walks through the open door, and the real nightmare begins. Flanagan has conceived some clever strategies for approaching Jessie’s predicament, at one point composing an entire action scene out of the gradual movement of a glass of water across a wooden shelf.

But in attempting to translate the voice of the novel – King speaking through Jessie, Jessie speaking to herself and then to herselves – Flanagan and co-writer Jeff Howard aim for the oldest trick in the book: Imaginary friends.

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