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There are funnier black comedies, but this one holds up pretty well, and has a number of things going for it.' Harry' appears only as a dead body, discovered at the beginning of the film in a clearing outside a picturesque New England town.

More than one of the residents feels responsible for Harry's death - so, just by being there, Harry sets off a lengthy chain of events in the lives of several persons in the town.

You'll see a young Jerry Mathers pre-dating Leave it to Beaver by a few years.

Don't miss this little gem, it's as funny today as it was in 1955 and I suspect for a long time to come.

There is not the action or suspense in this one that most fans associate with Hitchcock.

But if you appreciate Hitchcock's sense of humor - for example, the kinds of subtly ghoulish remarks that he used to make on his television shows - give it a try.

*TALENT SUBJECT TO CHANGEAlan Tudyk, Austin Amelio and Lou Ferrigno cancelled due to filming.

Captain Wiles also Secretly sees a young single mother, Jennifer Rogers, who is the one person who does seem to know Harry and seems happy that he's dead.

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(They are still driven from the right.) Not all manufacturers adapted to left hand drive at the same time. In the following shot of the roadside stand, the sign is parallel to the road and closer to the gas pump. I don't think anyone except Hitchcock could have made such humour out of a dead body.

See more » The drawings behind the opening credits are by artist Saul Steinberg, reportedly echoing elements of paintings by Paul Klee, whose work Hitchcock collected. Shirley Mac Laine (in her first role) is delightful and Edmond Gwenn perfect.

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