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When it comes to hand gestures, it is best to avoid an open palm directed at someone's face, as this is an insult.Having your back turned to someone is also not a good gesture.It's important to note that winking at someone is probably used more often in Greece and is often a simply friendly gesture.Affection and anger belong to the Greek public domain, but situations of anger are not very common.Let them talk first and get the information you need in order to understand their perspective in life.Discussion on personal relationships should be avoided; your curiosity may offend people.Greeks love to laugh and a good joke is a good way to break the ice.Good topics of conversation include a brief description of your family, and an overview of your background.

As long as the tone of the voice has a “friendly” colour, there are no instructions for how to tone your voice and how direct your speech can be.

Often times, raising ones voice is common and should not be taken too seriously, as violence rarely erupts.

Larger displays of Greek assertiveness would be the numerous political rallies and labour union strikes which take place in the country.

Displays of public affection are more prominent in Greece and it is common, for example, to see a couple kissing on a park bench..

Greeks are very “European” in their feelings towards sexuality, and are quite liberal about it.

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