I think i was dating a sociopath

Within seconds I watched my husband jump out, before they could see him in that state, and immediately he was grinning his old "happy go lucky cowboy" grin! This is exactly what I have been going through for the last 11 years. I will simply be here when they wake up to the Truth. Confronting evil is best left until you’ve had more time to heal. Reply Please tell me how on earth I protect my vulnerable, speech delayed and medically vulnerable son from the once a week visits- he comes back grinding his teeth, sweating, nightmares and many other behavior and health problems. The courts, officials have done more damge than good.It was like the Twilight Zone, for me, because I watched the ranch owners (very astute and discerning people) laughing right along with my husband. No one ever suspected what my husband was like behind closed doors. Unfortunately he is the father of my two sweet little children though. That’s why I have encouraged you to write privately, at first… I do not believe in fear- but frankly how will the next 14 years really work and protect my son- he deserves to thrive in God's goodness. He will get himself together and have a good job and I will be excited then next thing you know he's homeless living in the hood with criminals.He was experiencing what he, himself, called a "mental breakdown".But this "mental breakdown" was something that would often come on suddenly and then eventually disappear without any intervention.I don't feel genuine human affection, at least not the way other people do. No one else could possible imagine what they are like unless you live with them 24/7 or how much love and forgiveness we pour into them and how much we serve and want them to change and desire to be used of God as the power to their change, only to see it vaporize into what seems to be an eternal darkness. More and more, I’m seeing a need for deliverance for these people from a very young age.I've always felt detached from the world around me, which could be to do with my upbringing. I have no joy, enthusiasm, I just feel like a ripped up piece of meat bleeding everywhere. I was only with her for less than a year total time, yet my heart has been ravaged unlike any other time. All I really know is choosing love every moment of the day is the way. We need more people trained to recognize these traits from a young age, for that’s often when it begins.My husband (who my marriage counselors told was likely a sociopath) was feeling discouraged.After so many years of being his sole caregiver, 24/7, following a spinal cord injury, I was used to being attentive to his every mood change.

The majority will continue to abuse the people around them, and an ever-expanding ripple effect of damage occurs, overlapping in many cases, causing victims to experience wounding on top of wounding, along with a sense of despair. He will NEVER GIVE UP unless he finds a better prey.

I think I have only ever done good things because I know it is right, not because I love others as I love myself. Reply Dear friend, A sociopath would never stop to ponder if he/she were a sociopath. The world is cold-hearted and the church is often a victim of that coldness. I don't see the point of carrying on as I wanted to become capable of being an integrated, genuine person. I'd commit suicide but I don't think I've got the balls in case it went wrong. that is only what your natural mind and heart can comprehend. The good men in my life that treated me good never had this effect on me. He has a new girlfriend, 5 months in to our marriage. And though I have been learning and studying narcopathinc behavior for about four months now, this is all so new to me and still surreal. Nature is the best purifier of body, mind, and soul. When I listen to the parents of these children it seems the children all do and say the same things, just like an adult sociopath.

Jesus said in the last days our love would grow cold and fear would be predominant. Reply The fact you are here, the fact you are sharing, means there is hope. There are times when we come to the end, bottom out, and we can’t go any farther on our own strength. Leave room for a miracle and ask for help, please…. The thought of him coming to me and telling me it was all a misunderstanding, just like all the times before, makes me want to go after him. I would just tell them to go away without any hesitation and not think about it again. He left me and hasn't contacted me for 2 months. He left a message at a friend's telling me that "He knows how bad I am going to suffer thinking about him and her and not being able to do anything about it. I know I had written a response to one of your other posts today, but I would gladly accept any advice or help you or your other readers might wish to give in regard to healing, praying for her, and possibly setting up a website as well. Sometimes I still very much feel like a fool that this has happoened to me but I am trying to accept it as a learning lesson and a place God has brought me so I can be perfected for His use. Reply Truthwith Love, blaming the victim is horrendous but predictably the standard offense of darkness against the potential Light on their demonic deeds. What I and others have found is that we can easily be taken out, acting as a single individual. In many cases these children say they enjoy torturing their families.

Something came into my body and pushed me far down.

It took over my hands and feet and tried to use the steering wheel to drive my truck off the cliff.

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I don't know how you did it and I hate you for it.

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