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The 23-year-old, who has starred on the last five seasons of the hit A&E network TV show in the U.

S., was taken into custody by police on Tuesday night in Honolulu, Hawaii and remains in jail.

On September 14, 2006, Leland Chapman was arrested along with Duane "Dog" Chapman and Tim Chapman on charges of "deprivation of liberty". When he was just seven months old, his father was sent to prison.

They were released on bail at 0,000 each, while Dog's was set at 0,000. Edit Leland Blaine Chapman graduated from his high school in June 1995.

Leland Blaine Chapman had affairs with his longtime girlfriend, Maui Chapman and after months of dating the boyfriend and girlfriend couple eventually became official-husband and wife.

His spouse Mauli Chapman divorced Leland on 21 April 2005 after giving birth to three children: all three are sons and their names are Dakota Chapman, Cobie Blaine Chapman, and Leiah Breanna Chapman.

In 2003 he gave up competing in martial arts due to his left knee injury.

When the episode aired, Beth Chapman told news “Thank you everyone for your good wishes and prayers for Baby Lyssa.

She has spent her adult life hunting criminals and bringing them to justice.

But now Lyssa Chapman, daughter of Duane Chapman, aka Dog The Bounty Hunter, has found herself on the otehr side of the fence after she was arrested for harassment and criminal property damage.

She is a young lady going through a very grown up divorce.

She is going thru her own growing pains and is buying learning lessons for herself… But a struggle.“ Leland, Duane Lee Pictures Set 1 Leland, Duane Lee Photo 1 Leland, Duane Lee Photo 2 Leland, Duane Lee Photo 3 Leland, Duane Lee Photo 4 Just weeks before Lyssa’s arrest, Lyssa filed for divorce from husband Brahman “Bo” Galanti.

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