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If they genuinely understood what had happened, they’d know why you’re still struggling.

Guilford was one of the first academic researchers who dared to conduct a study of creativity.

Much like giving, ‘sorry’ isn’t something that you say with expectations of what the other person should think, feel, or do as a result of it.

I don’t say sorry unless I mean it but I also don’t take it as my right to assume that it should be “Shazam! ” For minor things, it can be relatively easy to snap back to ‘normal’ but otherwise, it takes more than the few seconds it takes to utter an apology to overcome these situations.

This past Easter I wrote about whether we really need to forgive and the importance of ultimately forgiving yourself instead of busting a gut trying to speed up your grieving and healing so that you can forgive someone else.

What I find fascinating about life but in particular reading or hearing about situations where people have encountered someone who at best took advantage and at their worst, abused them, is how ‘sorry’ is supposed to be a word that expresses regret and an apology, but can also be a way of pressing the Reset Button.

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