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This is admittedly too short of a period of time to glean any real insights, but it’s better than nothing. With similar returns, a somewhat longer track record (dating back to October 2012), an easy-to-understand benchmark, and no incremental portfolio management work required, SPHD offers a number of benefits.I believe that the choice to go with an ETF or build a portfolio of individual stocks is largely a personal preference, and it involves more than just total return potential.In fact, I recently emailed with a reader who was interested in comparing the performance of our Conservative Retirees dividend portfolio with the Power Shares S&P 500 High Dividend Low Volatility Portfolio ETF (SPHD), for example.While total return is certainly a very important consideration, there are a number of other factors that can swing the decision one way or the other.

CAPs include defined contribution pension plans, group RRSPs, deferred profit sharing plans and various non-registered arrangements.

Defined benefit pension plans, which guarantee an income at retirement that is typically based on a combination of salary and years of service, are not included.

The association estimates that about 2.6 million Canadians are members of defined contribution pension plans or group RRSPs, neither of which guarantees a specific level of income at retirement.

I wrote an article about the tradeoffs that you can read here, if you are interested.

What’s nice about ETFs is that they are completely passive – there is nothing for you to actively manage, and you know the performance of ETFs will generally track their underlying benchmark for only a small fee.

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