My dad is dating a gold digger

However, to the sociopath, pretend you believe them wholeheartedly. Ninety-eight percent of what the sociopath will tell you is completely fabricated.Maintain a polite, friendly demeanor and flatter them. Always covertly check up on their stories or claims about anyone or anything and question the veracity of such claims with family or friends.When you know how sociopaths think and behave, it helps you to preempt their devious behavior. Make a written and photographic inventory of every item that your family or elderly relative owned prior to associating with the sociopath. This will prove the item’s existence and condition when the new spouse breaks it or claims it as their own later on.Copy or scan all your family photos and keep them in a safe place as they will be disappear or be destroyed. Use your Iphone to covertly photograph every page of the sociopath’s address book.It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye.

While genuinely happy for her dad, she also felt fear, because she was worried that her inheritance was in jeopardy.Attach to your key ring etc, turn on, and casually leave lying around the elderly relative’s home. It also shows how devious and manipulative they are in. Never confide in the sociopath or divulge any personal information or feelings about yourself or anyone in your family. Install a Nanny -Cam to find out how they treat your elderly relative when you aren’t there. Keep copies of your elderly relative’s birth certificates, drivers license, bank accounts, passport, loan documents, car registration in a safe place. Check this regularly as the new spouse will at some stage make themselves the sole beneficiary. Find an aggressive, pit bull lawyer as soon as you suspect that the new spouse is a sociopath or gold digger.It will be used in a smear campaign against you at a later date. Events, actions, words spoken, date and time and place. The sociopath loves this elderly relative in proportion to how much they can use them. When sociopaths lose their grip or control over someone, the mask of pretension will be dropped and you get to experience their full on rage. This lawyer must have experience in dealing with sociopaths swindling the elderly.Listen, observe, record, and then store all the recordings to a safe place.You can also buy USB sticks or keys on e Bay that are actually recording devices. This is very revealing as to how what they say just doesn’t make sense. Ensure that your elderly relative’s will is in the form of a testamentary trust.

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Where do you draw the limit to your own personal pleasures (pussy), when you are a father of a girl the same age of the one you are banging ?

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