No validating saxparser implementation available

The SAX API defines four kinds of handlers: content handlers, DTD handlers, error handlers, and entity resolvers.Applications normally only need to implement those interfaces whose events they are interested in; they can implement the interfaces in a single object or in multiple objects.The information returned by the locator is probably not sufficient for use with a search engine.Note that the locator will return correct information only during the invocation of the events in this interface.Non-validating processors may skip entities if they have not seen the declarations (because, for example, the entity was declared in an external DTD subset).All processors may skip external entities, depending on the values of the , the parser will call the methods in your object to report all warnings and errors.Interface used by the parser to present error and warning messages to the application.The methods of this object control whether errors are immediately converted to exceptions or are handled in some other way.

If you create an object implementing this interface, then register the object with your Parser, the parser will call the method in your object to resolve all external entities.It’s even worse when your development infrastructure is isolated from the Internet (such as banks or security companies).In this case, validating your XML against schemas becomes a real nightmare.The locator allows the application to determine the end position of any document-related event, even if the parser is not reporting an error.Typically, the application will use this information for reporting its own errors (such as character content that does not match an application’s business rules).

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