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She rubbed her clit furiously as the fire in her groin engulfed her pussy and then her entire body.With a final yelp her whole body tensed with her climax before slowly fading away as she slumped against the tile wall of her shower.Suddenly seeing her son driving his rigid cock deep into his girlfriend again and again and again awakened in her the realization of what she was missing..desperately wanted..was determined to get again.Without a sound, she retreated to a powder room down the hall and fingered herself to her most explosive orgasm in a very long time without even bothering to remove her panties.Her thighs and legs remained taut below her round low slung ass and there was only a hint of extra softness on her belly.She stepped closer to the mirror to look over her handiwork with the razor.She finished shaving and washing herself, dried off and walked into the adjacent bedroom, stopping to critically apprise her naked body in a full length mirror.Her c-cup breasts only sagged a little, their nipples a dark brown in contrast to her coffee with extra cream colored skin.

Her pussy clenched, practically on the verge of an orgasm before she turned and kissed him passionately, their tongues lashing each other in her mouth.After chatting online with a few guys, she started to weed out the pretenders and flakes, at least she hoped so.Finally, she narrowed her list of possibilities to three.When she softly twirled a puffy nipple between two fingers of her other hand, a familiar tingling grew in her groin, its warmth spreading quickly to her thighs.With a low moan, she closed her eyes and surrendered to the growing pleasure.

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