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If the guy you are playing Truth or Dare with is someone you are interested in dating, you’re definitely going to want to know whether he is the kind of guy who is brave enough to say sorry instead of sacrificing other’s feelings to protect his pride.

Why this is a good truth question: Even if someone seems really fun and nice, their ability to apologize when they are wrong can be very revealing about their character.

But if you’ve been dying for him to kiss you, now’s the perfect time to make it happen!

Truth or Dare has been around forever, but that doesn’t’ mean it’s ever going to get old!

A lot of guys fancy themselves tough and athletic and oh-so-strong.

This can be kind of annoying, because one, you don’t really care, and two, it might be all talk.

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Having him like a random girl’s oldest picture is funny because it makes him look like a creep and he doesn’t know her well enough for it to be comfortable/easy for him to explain why he did it.

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