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This is a book of two generations, divided by the fall of the Iron Curtain.

What keeps these poets together is the awareness that they are all speakers of a small language: it could be termed as the Romanian language complex.

Each member of poetry p f was invited to send one short poem for the project.

Over 60 submissions were initially received and more continue to come in.

Teaches creative writing and British literature at the Faculty of Letters, the Transilvania University in Brasov.

Ph D student of Lidia Vianu; thesis the fiction of Angela Carter and Jeanette Winterson.

George Sandulescu is the Executive Advisor to the project.

Several texts have been published, including a Rom/Eng collection, Dan Verona: Selected Poems, which was translated from Romanian by members of the MTTLC members and polished by English-language poets who are members of poetry p f: Polishers: Helen Burke, Elizabeth Burns, Barbara Dordi, Hilary Elfick, Kate Foley, Maria Jastrzebska, Kavita Jindal, Angela Kirby, Philippa Lawrence, Ruth OCallaghan, William Oxley, Anne Stewart, Nigel Walker, Margaret Wilmot Translators: Iulia Anchidin, Veronica Anghel, Alexandra Blaj, Alina Blanaru, Dorina Burcea, Andreea Burtea, Alexandru Crtu, Gianina Csleanu, Anamaria Comes, Oana Craciunescu, Angela Craescu, Roxana Cristea, Roxana Dragusin, Cristina Florea, Lorena Fota, Alina Miron, Ruxandra Georgescu, Eliza Ghitulescu, Madalina Gorneanu, A.

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