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To do this we must be accepting and encouraging of everyone while avoiding gossip, judgmental attitudes, and the immorality that is so prevalent in our society today.We encourage you to develop friendships with others and to share and enjoy life with each other.This is the first and only program in the country to specialize solely in ...""Having a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder brings unique challenges to marriages and families.The first of which, and often times the most profound, is the isolating feeling that you are managing this alone.Most likely will meet weekly in the evening, to PM.This group is for men and women who are looking to expand on what has been ...""New psychotherapy group is forming in midtown Sacramento, date and time TBA.

...""The Peak Counseling Group helps people who need support to manage life's challenges.

This innovative treatment modality also helps to build trust, confidence, patience, leadership,assertiveness, and self-awareness.

This is the first and only program in the country to specialize solely in ...""Equine Assisted Activities(EAA).

PLAYshop will change your anxious child's life.

This workshop will be 6 hours total broken up between two sessions.

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