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When Stacie awoke, she found herself bound and gagged and lying chained to a mattress in a bare, bleak room. For the next few days she endured horrible hardship.

The man treated her like a prisoner and gave her only small amounts of food that soon left her feeling weak and confused.

He wanted her to look her best while he humiliated and punished her. She could only moan a feeble protest as the man roughly grabbed her by the hair and forced her to suck his cock right down to the balls. She was still reeling from the experience when he pushed her onto the bed and fucked her deep in the missionary position.Despite Stacie’s pleas for him not to cum her in, he did not hesitate to fill her pussy up with his hot cream.Following another bout of cock sucking, Stacie then got the same relentless doggy-style pounding from the man himself.Poor Stacie was a broken woman by the end of it all. The cop was wise to Rachel, he pushed her face down on the table and began to fuck her hard. She took an oath when she was hired that she would not talk under any circumstances.As the two men revealed that she would have to return to her horrible little prison, she could do nothing but hold her head in her hands and mutter incoherently. He flipped her over so she had to look him in the face while he fucked her. She had even been tortured a bit before they all agreed she was to be their accountant.

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  1. But the premise of this one is that you’re hanging out at a popular and rather crowded local tourist attraction when someone offers to act as your stand in instal-husband so that you can get that perfect shot.