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There is a very substantial list of reasons why dating a porn actress would possibly be one of the most awesome things to happen in your life.For starters, you can get that “My other ride is a porn star” bumper sticker you always wanted to slap on your Jetta!And I’m sure there are other (mind-blowing) things that would be make a relationship of this sort both exciting and fascinating (maybe terrifying).Yet, from a male perspective, I feel like doing so would be a burden on your sanity.And it will more than likely be an inescapable part of her life. Many adult film actresses have had ample work done on their faces and maybe boosted a few key areas with some silicone during their time in the Valley.If you decided at some point that you wanted to move somewhere and get a fresh start, you’d still probably find people that knew who your girlfriend was. How you look on camera is more important than anything else in the porn industry.

Mark Bederow, Martins' attorney, said: 'The dynamic will change when there are court proceedings. The cops' DNA was found on a rape kit performed on the woman.

But, if you were dating an adult actress, men would hit on her everywhere she went. In simple terms: The inappropriate level that your woman brings out in people of the general public will be off the damn charts.

Of course this happens with every beautiful woman, but coupled with the delusion that every guy that hits on her in a grocery store probably thinks shes going to immediately take them to their car and change their life sexually in the back row of the Trader Joe’s parking lot — you have a makings of a potentially volatile situation every time you go out in public. So go out and purchase a pair of boxing gloves, a Bowflex, and the most comprehensive health insurance plan that you can afford; you are going to need to be fit and ready to fight at all times.

The 18-year-old, who tweets under the name Anna Chambers, alleges that one NYPD detective raped her and both forced her to perform oral sex in a Chipotle parking lot after she was caught smoking marijuana on September 15.

Officers Eddie Martins and Richard Hall are expected to turn themselves in early next week for arraignment, according to the New York Post.

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