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This first season netted an average of 7·7 million viewers in Germany—numbers that the more recent seasons have not achieved, largely due to increased competition.

Episode 10: ‘Shotgun’, and the formula is set For the second season, a new lead actor is hired to replace Brandrup.

The supporting cast remained the same, but the spin-off essentially dealt with two other cops—a male and an aristocratic female this time—who worked when the regulars didn’t.

The series was successful—5·5 million viewers per episode—but sank without trace. My female friends all seem to agree that the actor is ‘hot’, rating him more highly versus his predecessors and successors.

It was accepted that that was the province of the Americans.

I’ve watched it through budget cuts and some naff storylines of late.Episode 126: ‘Comeback’, and Tom Kranich comes back Richter disappears without trace, leading to the rehiring of actor René Steinke, who has to rejoin the force to help solve the opening crime.It’s not a two-hour pilot this time, but a fairly routine episode about a terrorist bomber.Slow-paced by modern standards, but then, there are fewer holes in the story.Some similarities are there: a female boss (Almut Eggert) and the pairing of a tall guy and a short guy.

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