Updating a wood panelled wall

For laminate paneling, use primer and paint designed especially for laminate.

Choose fresh, light colors like cream, dove gray or linen to modernize dark 1970s walls.

Lightly sand the surface or use a chemical de-glosser to give the paint a roughened surface to grip.

Clean the wall with a damp rag to remove any dust before painting.

Nothing screams the 1970s like a room covered in wood paneling.

Even if you love the look of wood, paneling across an entire wall or around a whole room can feel overwhelming and dated.

So choose your paint color, then follow these tips and painting techniques for a brighter, more updated room. The first thing you need to do is to decide if you really want to paint your paneling. If you don't think paint will last, then don't do it. After the walls have dried sand lightly with 220 grit sandpaper. After sanding, wipe the dust away with a damp cloth. Cut in the edges with a brush, and roll on the primer using a 3/8-inch roller cover. Now paint the paneling with an interior latex paint.

If retro isn't your decorating style, the good news is--you won't have to remove the paneling; it can be painted. If you are nervous about how your paneling will look, pick an inconspicuous spot and do a test patch. Paint it on just like a normal wall, masking off the ceiling, trim and baseboards.

Or, use painter's tape or stencils to create a pattern in more than one shade.

Some laminate wood paneling can be sanded and stained to change its look, but the stain doesn't always penetrate evenly.

Use screws or nails to attach the trim and use wood putty to cover the nails and screws before painting.

Plaster can be applied right over wood paneling with the right preparation.

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Mix and trowel on the plaster according to the manufacturer's directions.

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