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By default, Visual Studio will enable the "Refresh the data table" option on the "Advanced Options" dialog accessible via a button in the lower left corner of the "Enter a SQL Statement" page of the Table Adapter Configuration Wizard.If the "Refresh the data table" checkbox is checked, it will append a SELECT statement to the end of the UPDATE and INSERT statements to "retrieve identity column values, default values, and other values calculated by the database" of the row that was just updated.In this example i am explaining how to Insert Edit Update Grid View With Object Data Source In Asp. For this i've created a simple database with a table named Details having 3 columns ID, Name and Location. Now right click on solution explorer and select add new Item To learn how to configure database connection and connection string for this example read my article Insert Edit Delete record in Grid View using Sql Data Source Item Template and Edit Item Template Right click on Data Set designer window and select Add Save the solution Now go to html markup of the page and change the html code of gridview according to code written below to implement Item Template and Edit Item Template I'm using Bind method in Edit Item Template of Grid View so we do not need to write and code in Code Behind The html source of page should look like Save,build and run the application Hope this helps Download sample code attached Related posts: Insert Edit Delete record in Grid View using Sql Data Source ASP.I have been having issues using the Data Grid's built in Edit and Update features when the Data Grid was using the Object Data Source.

You can perform all common database related tasks like displaying, editing and updating the data with minimum effort. NET 2.0 has got some smart and intelligent new data source controls which can even manipulate specialized data sources like XML files.

If the attached business object supports updating and editing of data then you can perform this operations using Object Data Source control.

To perform these data operations, set the appropriate method name and any associated parameters for the operation that you want to perform.

For example, for an update operation set the Update Method property to the name of the business object method that performs updates and adds any required parameters to the Update Parameters collection.

Let's jump into an example to consolidate our understanding of the capabilities of Object Data Source control with a Grid View control that displays data on a web page using Object Data Source control.

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These new Data Source controls are built with features like sorting, paging, editing and updating data directly in data source. We will discuss capabilities and worthiness of new Data Source controls available in ASP. I am limiting my discussion to only significant controls which happen to be the following given ones.

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