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To believe otherwise is naive & places nat'l security at risk. That’s [email protected] ‘s denial of facts is troubling, & I continue to question his willingness to fully implement the Russia sanctions law overwhelmingly passed by Congress.— Senator Ben Cardin (@Senator Cardin) November 11, 2017 When will the haters and fools look themselves in the mirror...?

https://t.co/SYi VHt HXPX— John Mc Cain (@Sen John Mc Cain) November 11, 2017 Our intelligence community concluded that the Russians interfered in the 2016 election. That’s a clear and present danger to our democracy.— Mike Rogers (@Rep Mike Rogers) November 12, 2017 [email protected] Donald Trump believes an ex-KGB agent over 17 U. I know you dodged the draft so it's hard to appreciate this, but Russia has tried to kill Americans since WWII.

“Despite denials from the campaign and the White House, it’s now clear that members of the Trump campaign corresponded or met with Russians at least 30 times throughout the campaign,” Meg Kelly tabulates.

It's now time to get back to healing a world that is shattered and broken.’” Meanwhile, Trump continues to grant legitimacy to Putin without getting any concessions in return.

Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan “each softened their tone toward the Soviets in exchange for major arms control agreements — although neither ever ignored the underside of communism,” Princeton history professor Julian Zelizer writes on CNN.

I really believe that, when he tells me that, he means it. I think he’s very insulted, if you want to know the truth.” Trump then lamented that the ongoing Russia investigations are an “artificial Democratic hit job” that could prevent cooperation on a range of issues, including stopping North Korea’s nuclear program. because people will die because of it,” he warned direly.

“What I said is that I believe [Putin] that,” Trump said during a news conference with Vietnam’s president.

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