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Simply let them know that you are in recovery, and because of it, you don’t drink. If they have questions, feel free to answer them in a general way, but don’t feel obligated to beat yourself up because of your past.

Remember, “Love addiction becomes a concern when infatuation replaces the high of drug use.

This has the effect of making someone feel “heard” and “understood,” no matter what body language I use (arms crossed, body facing away, fingers raised in front of face in shape of shield).

For example, you can’t simply “meet for drinks”, and “wining and dining” is out of the question. Let it die in your lap (and it will), then go to bed. I guess somewhere between full armor (outlined above) and no-skin-with-nerve-endings-entirely-exposed (my natural state as a human being) is a sweet spot. And everyone has to locate that point on her own personal online dating tolerance matrix (ODTM—trademark pending). If he had been wearing that in his profile picture, I would have passed him by. In my attempt to manage the difficult, vulnerable experience of looking for love online, I nearly shut myself off from the possibility of finding it.If you are working your program and emotionally sober, then you probably already have everything you need to form positive relationships with other people– romantic and otherwise.You undoubtedly see things much differently than you did when you were still boozing and using.

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